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Dr. Jibril was born and raised in the family of spell casters. From generations to generations, my forefathers were very much known with the kind of magic they could produce and the effects their magic could make to affect the target. This art was passed over to me I and became a spell caster with enough training and the ability to cast real spells. My family is well known within both Indian and black communities around South Africa, and those I’ve helped online.

I know the pain, torture, stress etc; a person can go through after being abandoned or left just like that by the person he/ she loves, luck of financial resource to go about individual and family life. That can be the hardest time you will ever want to face in your life time, and sometimes it needs your strength to go through this hard time. But on the other hand, spells casting, traditional and spiritual may be the available option to help you in search of relief through hard times

I use very unique ingredients in my spells casting and on top of that I know very well how to communicate with the spirits world that enables me to cast the spells that don't waste time but to work in time. There are many spell casters online and many of them have a bad reputation of taking people's money without delivering their work, but this is different with me, just believe me that your work will be done with high gratitude and you may get results you so desire.

I am based in Johannesburg with branches in Durban and Cape Town; I also travel worldwide whenever there’s a necessity.


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I also provide free online and telephonic consulting


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